Congratulations Angels!04/17/2013

Angel in our Midst (Tom and Nancy Norris)

CANTONMENT -- After Hurricane Ivan, there were a lot of people needing help.
Fortunately, there were many of our neighbors willing to step in.

For some Cantonment senior citizens, the storm winds brought a couple of Angels to their door and they've been there ever since.

Voice of Tom Norris; "We started coming. And I saw a need here."
Tom and Nancy Norris started volunteering at the Council on Aging's Cantonment Senior Center in October, 2004. They brought love, compassion and a desire to improve quality of life.

Tom Norris, Volunteers at Senior Center; "I was with the railroad, the airlines, a trucking company and Greyhound and I was always helping people. It's always been in my heart to help people and this just fit me great."

The Norrises come up with fun games to keep minds active. The seniors do crafts projects. They enjoy good fellowship or just quiet time. And then, there are "life" issues that need attending to and Tom and Nancy are there for that too.

Tom; "They'll get mail that they don't understand and I encourage them to bring it up here so we can look at it and see if we can help them."

Margie Peoples, Attends Cantonment Senior Center; "I quit driving 'cause it got to where I couldn't drive out here. So, they started picking me up years ago. They don't charge me one thing. They pick me up and carry me home. Tom sits there 'til he sees my key goes into the door."

Something as simple as a meal, takes on a special meaning here, too.
Tom; "A lot of our members tell me this is the only warm meal they get a day; that they'll eat cereal for breakfast and a sandwich."

And that one warm meal is served up with a smile and a commitment. Tom and Nancy are here five days a week. It takes a lot to keep them away.

Nancy Norris, Senior Center Volunteer; "When I had my kidney out, I called from the hospital and they all, I could hear them in the background for me to hurry up and come back. And I was back in a week."

For many of the clients, missing one of these two is like missing a lifeline.
Avery Beadle, Attends Cantonment Senior Center; "I enjoy all the people. The food is good. It's just a nice thing to come to. It takes me all morning to get ready to come; but, it's very enjoyable."

Margie; "I think I'd go crazy cause I hate to be by myself.
In fact, I just can't hardly wait 'til they get there every morning to pick me up."

The rewards for the Norrises are priceless.
Nancy; "That I have made somebody smile today."
Tom; "I think of the things that I'm doing for them, that one day, when I get in their shoes, someone will be here, doing it for me."

Angels in our Midst is brought to you by Sacred Heart Children's Hospital.Angel in our Midst (Tom and Nancy Norris)

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