Rat Pack Reunion

Rat Pack Reunion raises over $200k for vulnerable elders11/12/2019

Rat Pack Reunion raises over $200k for vulnerable elders

The ninth annual Rat Pack Reunion fundraiser, hosted by Council on Aging of West Florida to increase awareness and support for senior citizens in the area, raised over $200,000 on Oct. 25, putting the event among the most successful in its history. More than 350 individuals attended the black-tie gala, which featured a world-class meal, dancing, a Frank Sinatra tribute artist and live band, a “raise the paddle” fundraising segment and honorary videos and speeches from four community leaders. This year, those leaders were Ashton Hayward, Michael Murdoch, Michael Riesberg, and Brenda Vigodsky.

The Rat Pack Reunion has earned and maintained its reputation as one of the premier fundraising and social events of the year, drawing outside visitors and city insiders alike to join together and support elder adults in Escambia and Santa Rosa counties. The monies raised at the annual event go directly to the programs and services provided by Council on Aging of West Florida, such as Meals on Wheels, adult day care, respite, in-home services, companionship and more. Council on Aging boasts the BBB Accredited Charity designation and less that 9 percent of annual revenue is allocated toward administration; the rest goes directly to older adults who need our help.

“We had one of the best Rat Pack Reunions ever because of the hard work, creativity and generosity of our community,” said Larry Morris, Rat Pack committee co-chair. “We raised a lot of money for senior adults and will literally put food on the table for many of the elderly in our community.”

Sponsors for this event include Andrew’s Research and Education Foundation, Ashton & An Hayward, Ballinger Publishing, BBVA USA, Bob Tyler Toyota, Brenda Vigodsky, Carlette Howell, Cat Country 98.7, Charlie & Fran Switzer, Covenant Care, Edward Jones - John Peacock, Emmanuel, Sheppard & Condon Attorneys at Law, Escambia County Sherriff’s Office, Fabadashery, Flack & Kathleen Logan, Florida Community Care, Gulf Power Company, Jewelers Trade Shop, Jim & Ann Neal, John B. Clark, Larry & Lynn Morris, Levin Papantonio Personal Injury Lawyers, Levin Rinke Realty, Lois Lepp, Marianne & John McMahon, Michael Murdoch, Pete Moore Automotive, Ray & Valerie Russenberger, Riesberg Institute, Sammy’s Management, Sandy Sansing Chevrolet, Susan and Brian Finger, Synovus Bank, The AKWO Justice Foundation Inc., Tom Pace Jr., Skopelos at New World, Valley Services, Vinyl Music Hall, Vitas Healthcare, and WEAR-ABC3.

For more information on the Rat Pack Reunion or to attend or support next year’s event, contact Josh Newby at (850) 266-2507 or jnewby@coawfla.org.


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