Impact Stories: Eunice Henderson 04/21/2016

Impact Stories: Eunice Henderson

Fiercely independent native of Pensacola, Ms. Henderson did not ask for a senior companion. In fact, her and Ms. Lillie Crosby%u2019s companionship began at the request of Ms. Crosby, who knew Ms. Henderson%u2019s daughter. At first Ms. Crosby says, %u201Cit was like pulling teeth. She%u2019s so independent, she didn%u2019t want me to help her with anything!%u201D Ms. Henderson smiles sheepishly, %u201CI said %u2018You%u2019re tryin%u2019 to put me in a wheelchair!%u201D Eventually Ms. Crosby learned to start helping no matter Ms. Henderson%u2019s protestations. %u201CI learned to do what she likes. And she likes shopping!%u201D They both break out into peals of laughter, with Ms. Crosby adding, %u201Cand you can tell how fashionable she is!%u201D 

Now that they have found their common ground, both women attest to the closeness of their relationship and how they both feel their lives have been enriched from this companionship. Ms. Henderson comments that she likes how, %u201Cwe just talk, laugh about people%u2026anytime I want to go somewhere Lillie says, %u2018ok, let%u2019s go!%u2019 and I say %u2018well wait just a minute!%u2019%u201D She laughs and turns to Ms. Crosby. %u201CYou ain%u2019t goin%u2019 nowhere!%u201D She grows thoughtful, adding that she doesn%u2019t %u201Cknow what I%u2019d do without her.%u201D

Ms. Crosby agrees. %u201CI see her independence and spunk at 85 and I realize I don%u2019t have nothin%u2019 to complain about. I love it. My mother passed away in %u201912, and she has become a mother figure to me. She gives me energy!%u201D Ms. Crosby continues, speaking to the programs attributes. %u201CUs being together, I%u2019ve seen a change in her physically. She%u2019s more energized!%u201D Ms. Henderson smiles. %u201CI%u2019m so glad to have her.%u201D

Ms. Henderson and Ms. Crosby epitomize why the Senior Companion Program was created and what it strives to do: create a better life for both the clients and the senior companions. 

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