Impact Stories: Ross Knight05/04/2016

Impact Stories: Ross Knight

Ross Knight and his Senior Companion, David Alexander Jr., both project a kind of peaceful wisdom, an aura that comes from their own individual nature, but also from their compatibility as a pair. Native to Pensacola, Mr. Knight returned to Pensacola with his family and started a non-denominational church. He and his wife had seven children, all of whom have college experience, and his later years Mr. Knight had his own ranch and petting zoo. Reflecting on his varied professions and involvement throughout his life, Mr. Knight emphasizes that he likes "to be active. Sometimes things move a little too slow around here for me. I have always been active my whole life and like to be around energetic people."

His Senior Companion, Mr. Alexander, feels the same. A pastor and counselor by trade, he is affectionately referred to by Mr. Knight as "Bishop Alexander." Though he is approaching his 80th year, he says staying active is important to him because he loves "helping people unable to help themselves. There is something down in me." Mr. Alexander speaks with pride of his college educated children, his Ph.D., and his love of mentoring young people.

It is clear that these two men, both spiritually motivated and with a strong desire to effect change, are kindred spirts. Says Mr. Knight, "we have known each other for years in the community. At first I wasn't sure, because he is older than me, but now I couldn't imagine it without him...he helps me tremendously, and is such a fine gentlemen, active, independent..." Mr. Alexander sits,humble in light of this praise, but beaming. He chimes in, "I've enjoyed [being a Senior Companion]. I like to meet and help people. It's been very good."

Mr. Alexander continues, referring to the Senior Companion program as, "a beautiful program. I'm very proud." Mr. Knight nods his head in agreement. "When you age, you can't do things like you used to, though you want to. Thank God has preserved me up to now."

Mr. Knight concludes, sweetly, with the sentiment, "Bishop Alexander was gone last week, and I missed him! I couldn't hardly wait until he came back."

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