COA Volunteer Recognized as "Angels in Our Midst"07/20/2016

COA Volunteer Recognized as "Angels in Our Midst"

With the heat index of 100 plus degrees, kind hearts came out to help our senior citizens stay safe and get some relief from the dangerous temperatures. They bought air conditioning units and fans or gave cash. Then it was volunteers like Council on Aging of West Florida board member, Ed Turner, who set out to make sure those units got to those who needed them most.

"I just get a lot of satisfaction out of helping people that I know need the help," said Ed Turner, Council on Aging volunteer.

People like Theresa Inge. She's a polio survivor who has been quietly suffering through; doing the best she could to endure the temperature, almost 90 degrees inside her home this day.

"I take a little tiny fan and carry it with me around and plug it in and that's how it's been. You know, it's been hard," she said.

"I just couldn't imagine the way that they live. They are struggling for the bare necessities. Most of them don't have air conditioners, of course. I've seen people without a hot water heater," Ed Turner, Council on Aging volunteer said.

For those with no families close by or other means of help, it is the compassion of strangers that is bringing relief.

"That's a blessing that we have people in Pensacola that can help other people that's struggling," Inge said.

"To each and every person, whether it was a monetary donation, an air conditioning unit, a fan, even just spreading the word for us. Sincerely, thank you," said Brandi Gomez with the Council on Aging.

Including purchases with the cash donations, 200 air conditioners and 200 fans were provided for the elderly in our communities. A blessing, indeed.

Thank you. Thank you so much.

Click to watch the WEAR ABC 3 segment!

Angels In Our Midst is brought to you by the Studer Family Children's Hospital at Sacred Heart.

Donations are still being collected to help purchase A/C units and fans for local seniors in need. You can donate online here:

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